Create Radio Station App for iOS and Android

With the “Radio” feature you can add a radio streaming inside your app.

Path to this feature : App dashboard > Editor > Feature > Radio    Video tutorial:

It’s very simple to set up but you need to have the good streaming URL.

(If you want to Know “How to build complete app?“, please visit this video tutorial)

Here is how a good streaming URL looks like for our “Radio” feature:


Your URL mustn’t end by “listen.pls” or “listen.m3u”, etc. Meaning that if your URL is, you need to just keep

Note that sometimes you will need to add “/;” at the end of your URL to make it work both on Android and iOS, for example;

Note:Since Apple is requiring apps to use IPV6 networks, streams URL needs a domain name and not an IP to work properly on iOS : rather than

Then fill in the fields with the appropriate info, like in this example:







Then you just have to click on “Save” and you’ve just set up a radio streaming in your app.

Note: Streams using audio/aacp with a 32kbps bitrate are not working. You have to use a greater bitrate.
Note: The AACP/AAC+ audio format is not supported by Mozilla Firefox web browser. If the Radio feature does not work, check that you are not trying to open a AAC+ stream with Firefox. It works perfectly with Chromium/Chrome.
Note: Android 9 requires now that all URL use https, so streams url must use https