FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How can I make money from the App?

You have many ways earn money with this package

1. you can put google ads on apps & get income

2. sell apps in google play or apple

3. sell items or services in apps ( ie Sell products, food orders, bookings, offer services, all which can be paid for with Credit/Debit Card or PayPal or offline)

4. build apps & resell apps to others & make huge income,  etc  

Developing apps is million dollar business right now. Please look this CNN Article .

  • What is the difference between the Mobile App and the Mobile Website?

Our Mobile Apps are native Apps(iOS & Android) that can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device. Same time system create html5 web app which will  runs directly in the mobile browser on your smart phone or other mobile device , pc, mac, laptop. Both the native Apps and the Mobile Website allow you to access your information.

  • What skills do I need to create a successful application?

This is very easy to use app builder. you need basic skill of using computer .In terms of development an application, app builder generates and send your application for you, you only have to retrieve a file and upload it to the store.

  • How long does it take to create a mobile app?

This is a difficult question because it can vary enormously from one project to another. Generally if your content ready, you can make your app within 10 mins to 30 mins for ios, android & web.

  • Do I have to create one app per platform?

No, the BestAppsBuilder back office has been designed to allow you to create all three versions of your iOS, Android and web (html5) Apps.If you create one app, system will create  all 3 version apps automatically.

  • Am I the owner of my app and its content?

Yes. BestAppsBuilder  is the technology that allows you to create, organize and distribute your content to your audience: images, logo, videos, audio files, texts, and other content. You are the sole owner and will remain so. You are the sole owner of your project and BestAppsBuilder  is only the tool that allows you to realize it. No reference to BestAppsBuilder  is present in your application.

  •  Do I need to renew my license?

If you bought for one time fix pricing, you can use your apps without renew for lifetime.

If you bought a package with monthly or yearly subscription, You need an active license key for continued access to automatic updates and support.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your account page. You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, once expired, your Apps will be cancelled.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

  • There are no hidden charges at BestAppsBuilder .
  • If you plan to publish apps in Apple store or Google play, you will require the creation of your own Developer accounts . Apple charges an annual fee of $99 and Google charges a one-off fee of $25. 
  • Note: because of Apple Guideline 4.2.6, if you publish an app for a client, you must publish the app with the Apple developer account of your client.
  • Once you build apps, you can get  final file (source codes & apk ) at app dashboard then you need submit it to your google play & apple store by yourself free (we provided tutorials) or If you like you can use our  paid premium submission service.


  • What is the reason for paying to best app builder?

  • We are hosting your & your client apps on cloud servers.
  • We provide app dash board for your app to update details, you can add to new features, send to push notification regularly, communicate with your users,  etc
  • We regularly update & upgrade apps & dashboard to match apple store & google pay requirement (you know new version of ios & android language, new phones are  coming)
  • updating all feature & option
  • Add latest features & option
  • We  provide technical support to you.
  • etc


  • What can i do after exceeding the hosting limit of account ?

  • If a user has an active subscription for a  package, the user will have options & features as per package mentioned on our site BestAppsBuilder.com.
  • If the user account’s exceeds the hosting limit, with an active subscription for a package. then he will have access to his dashboard & apps, but can not create new apps & can not generate source code & apk.
  • Users can buy the same plan or can request a custom package to increase the hosting & other features.

  • How to test my application or features like web links, contacts, etc before publishing?

We offer several ways to preview your changes as you work on your application.

Native device features only work on native devices, so they won’t work in your browser or app builder previewer.

The first is the preview of your application in the back office, which actually reflects the web (html) version of your app.

In order to preview the native version of the Android app, you need to install the Live My Apps app, already available on Google Play. or Once you finish your app, you can run apk file on your android device.

  To test on a real iOS device, you need an Apple developer account and a provisioned device, then you can run & test  final file of app.

  • Can I use my custom theme, start-up page, app icon, page icon, background in an app?

 Yes it’s possible. You can add any kind of theme, start-up page, app icon, page icon, background into an app.

  • Can I customize my app?

Yes, you can change the colors, your logo easily using the editor. You can even use a theme available, custom page templates, API, etc. to make the app look completely different.

  • Can I use my custom features in an app?

Currently all the features available & you can simply edit as you like. Also we are regularly adding new features to the system.  

If you have html coding knowledge you can add new features with html coding. Or If you require a new custom feature, you can check with our technical team to develop, may be Charge extra.

  • Can I make any type of app I want?

YES, you can make any kind of app here & technically you can do anything with BestAppsBuilder .  We are working hard to bring you more easy to use new app features.

  • What can I link to my App to (ie websites, databases etc)?

Any web content or web link can be embedded into the App. ie if you use a web widget , html script, youtube, etc, this can be integrated into your App.

If you add any of feature on this system which will create database automatically to match the fields.  

If you need connect outside database, first you need connect database with website. Then you can connect website to app.

  • Can I make changes to my app after it’s submitted?

Yes. This app builder has auto synchronize feature. You can update text, news, etc on the app builder, then all publish app will update real time.  You are looking at your website in the app, so any changes you make to the site will show up in the app.

If you want to add device features, change the site url or icon/splash images, you will have to rebuild and submit an update. You can see more details here.

  • Will my app work offline?

Yes, with BestAppsBuilder  you can display custom pages when there is no internet connection.

Go to app dashboard > setting> Advance > Enable Offline content

  • Are these Mobile Apps & data secure?

Yes! All critical information is encrypted and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. Also we provide “Padlock” & “padlock pro” features which can lock your app & only you can active particular users to access particular pages.